A visit from Keith, Dave and David

I had a delightful afternoon yesterday, with three friends dropping in for a visit to the pub (can you guess which one?) and an operating session on the layout.

Keith Stamper and Dave Burroughs joined me for burgers and pints on a brisk but sunny Sunday. Then David Woodhead – a friend of all three of us, who lives in my neighbourhood – popped in to visit.

We ran a freight extra to Port Rowan and back, behind Mogul 80. It was the first time that Keith and Dave have worked my layout, so the pace was even more relaxed than usual as I explained the various ins-and-outs of working the branch. Keith took on the conductor’s role, while Dave B ran the locomotive.

With switching to do in both St. Williams and Port Rowan, the run required about 90 minutes. Once again, my layout ran well – much to my relief. (It usually does, but you know what they say about layouts acting up when guests arrive – and it was a first visit for two of my friends, including Dave, whose delightful On3 layout, the D&RGW Sonjora Branch, is my benchmark for operating reliability. I hoped my layout would leave a good impression. It did!)

All three are fans of narrow gauge: Dave and David work in On3, while Keith was working in On3 when I first met him, but has since switched to Sn3. That said, my standard gauge empire operates at a narrow gauge pace and my guests seemed quite taken by the little CNR teakettles.

A grand time was had by all. Thanks for coming over, guys: I look forward to having you back again – soon!
CNR 79431 photo Ops-13-04-21_zpsa46d9f55.jpg

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