CNR 86 – in 2013! (thanks, David!)

CNR 86 - London photo CNR-86-DW-06_zps0fb4ef55.jpg

My friend and fellow hobbyist David Woodhead was playing a concert in London, Ontario last week and he returned home with a treat for me: Several photos of CNR Mogul 86, which is stuffed and mounted in a park near Dundas and Ontario Streets in the city. This is the locomotive that Simon Parent used as the basis for his excellent S scale model, and 86 is one of the three Moguls that I run on my layout. So it’s really neat to see that it survives in a fairly decent, albeit cosmetic, restoration.

For more on the locomotive and its presence in London, visit the London Public Library.

Thanks for the photos, David – and for permission to share them here!

 photo CNR-86-DW-05_zpsdec183e8.jpg

CNR 86 - London photo CNR-86-DW-01_zpscfa1c95a.jpg

CNR 86 - London photo CNR-86-DW-02_zps7640be8e.jpg

CNR 86 - London photo CNR-86-DW-03_zps25c440d9.jpg

CNR 86 - London photo CNR-86-DW-04_zps18782873.jpg

CNR 86 - London photo CNR-86-DW-07_zps95b0ed3b.jpg

3 thoughts on “CNR 86 – in 2013! (thanks, David!)

    • Hi Gene:
      The public library link has some interesting notes about the mogul’s time on display, including:
      – the need to mute the bell to stop people from ringing it in the middle of the night
      – the need to cap the stack after finding someone sitting in it
      – the fact that London almost lost the locomotive to St. Thomas at one point

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