“Achievable Layouts” blog

Thanks to everyone who offered their thoughts on the achievable layouts series on this blog.

I’ve given your comments a great deal of thought and talked to many others offline as well. As a result, I’ve decided to collect these posts into a new blog. You’ll find a new page called “Achievable Layouts” in the header to this blog with more information. Or click on the image below to go to the new blog right now:
Achievable Layouts Header photo LayoutDesign-Header01_zps895b085f.jpg

I will continue to post short notices here so that Port Rowan readers interested in layout design can follow along. Since blogs are also able to automatically push notifications to interested readers, I encourage you to either sign up for email notifications or RSS feeds. Look for the “Follow this blog (email or RSS)” page on any of the blogs I write to find out how to receive notifications.

And, I will endeavour to update the “Achievable Layouts” page on this blog with links to new designs as they’re published. If you go to the page now, you’ll see a list of all of the layout examples to date, with hot links to their home on the new blog.

I feel this arrangement is the best way to continue to share ideas for achievable layouts without diluting this blog’s focus on my home layout.

Thanks, everyone, for the thoughts on this – very much appreciated!

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