Waybill bill boxes in LDJ 50

Issue 50 of the Layout Design Journal – the excellent quarterly publication from the Layout Design Special Interest Group – arrived in my mailbox this week and it includes a short article I wrote called “Design Considerations – Realistic Waybill Boxes”.
Layout Design Journal 50 photo LDJ50_zps5e86285f.jpg
(Click on the cover to find out more about the Journal.)

While some might feel a discussion of waybill boxes is more of an operations issue, what I address in this article is how Chris Abbott (who built the boxes for me) and I had to alter the design of the prototype boxes in order to make them work in a model environment. The boxes themselves are smaller, they’re mounted lower to the ground than most prototype boxes, and they’re in a layout room – a place that’s typically less well lit than the great outdoors.
Waybill Box: Port Rowan photo WaybillBox-PtR.jpg

Chris: Thanks again for building these for me!

I’d also like to thank Tony Thompson, whose writings about bill boxes on his blog – Modeling the SP – inspired me to use realistic bill boxes on my own layout. Tony also generously permitted the Layout Design Journal to print a couple of his photos of prototype bill boxes to help illustrate the article.

And since I’m thanking people, I’ll tip the hat to LDJ editor Byron Henderson, who worked with me to ensure that this article would be relevant from a layout design perspective. Byron’s doing a fantastic job of putting together a thought-provoking magazine on a quarterly basis. Well done!

I’ve said it before on this blog, and I’ll say it again: the Layout Design SIG is a great organization for anybody who wants to design (and, therefore, build) better layouts. If you’re not a member, why not start by joining the LDSIG Yahoo Group and ask about the benefits of being part of the SIG?

(While I don’t, personally, get many chances to take advantage of the many LDSIG events organized at national and regional conventions, I get plenty of good reading and interesting ideas out of the Layout Design Journal and feel that even on its own, this magazine is well worth the modest cost of membership.)

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    • Thanks for the kind words and the heads up, Bruce. The sampler includes the first and last pages of my article – but not the middle bits. LDSIG members can get the whole story.

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