Figuring It Out (more on the little people)

Further to my recent post about figures, I was reminded today that a lot (not all, but a lot) of the sins of poor figure rendering can be addressed through effective painting techniques. The reminder came from the blog of George Dent, an excellent modeller in the UK.

George notes that the July, 2013 issue of the UK magazine Model Rail includes a feature on figure painting. While I have not seen the issue, the figures on George’s blog are very well done so I’m sure the article is worth a look.

Here’s George’s post, called Figuring It Out. Enjoy if you visit!
Switching in Port Rowan photo SwitchingPortRowan.jpg

4 thoughts on “Figuring It Out (more on the little people)

  1. The real gurus at figure painting are those painting miniatures for use in war-gaming. Google war “gaming miniatures” and you will find any number of sites with online clinics on figure painting.

  2. George Dent is a very talented modeller indeed. His blog is one that I have followed for a couple of years now, as well as his work in Model Rail magazine. A couple of other UK modellers (and published authors) blogs worth following are “The Model Railways of Chris Nevard” for some excellent scenery and modelling on several small layouts, and Phil Parker’s “Phil’s Workbench” for practical modelling tips and techniques that you just don’t find “on this side of the pond”.

    UK modellers like these three gentlemen can teach us a lot that we can use “mutatis mutandis” in modelling North American outline railways.

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