Not what they were looking for, I’m guessing!

The WordPress blogging engine comes with a neat plugin called “Jetpack” that gives me some neat features. One of these is stats about things like visitors, referring pages, how many hits on what posts, etc.

It also – occasionally – gives me a good chuckle.

Today’s laugh comes from Search Engine Terms that have brought visitors to my site. Usually, it’s fairly obvious that the person doing the search is a fellow hobbyist, looking for information either about my layout in particular (e.g.: “Port Rowan in S Scale”, “Trevor Marshall S Layout”), or about something on which I have written (e.g.: “Gordon Gravett tree books”, “hand laid track”).

But occasionally, this happens…

The Search Term:
“twins bathing beauties videos”

The photo below should give you an idea of the result that this person’s search returned. But click on the Bathing Beauties to revisit the original posting:
Bathing Cows! photo LynnValley-03.jpg

I bet that’s one visitor to my blog who was disappointed!

5 thoughts on “Not what they were looking for, I’m guessing!

  1. Trevor,

    Yes, had a similar experience this morning with WordPress. Never understood why I had a comment from last week that went into my SPAM filter. Now I know from the data sent this morning. Someone searching for something and got quite a different item than hoped for from their search.

    Keep up the good work. Port Rowan is looking great


  2. This is very funny.
    Coming from a prairie farm background, I must say that the neighbors dairy bull would certainly be interested in this one and may well test the fence to get up close and personal.

    New paragraph, Trevor I certainly enjoy your blog which has become a regular highlight of my schedule. So informative. Kudos!
    Neil F.

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