“If I had more space…”

M233-Arrival-Port Rowan photo M233-1532-Arrival_zps1d382ef9.jpg
(Mixed Train M233 arrives in Port Rowan. Would more space for the layout make this event any different?)

“More space” is a wish almost universal in the hobby. Everybody would like more room than they have for their layout.

I’m quite happy with the space that I have, but I certainly would not object if I walked into the Trainment one morning and discovered another 50, 25 or even 10 percent more room.

I’ve just written a post on my Achievable Layouts blog to discuss what I’d do with extra space. Click on the image below to read more:
Achievable Layouts Header photo LayoutDesign-Header01_zps895b085f.jpg

2 thoughts on ““If I had more space…”

    • Actually, Pierre, you’re half right. If I had had more space when I was planning this layout, then yes – I’d be doing something in Proto:48.

      But – now that I’ve actually built this particular layout, in S, if I were to be presented with more space today then I would continue to model the CNR’s Port Rowan branch in 1:64. I would make some changes – as I’ve detailed on my Achievable Layouts blog.


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