5 thoughts on “Two for the Terminal

  1. Terrific picture and, as always, your modelwork is superb.

    I always enjoy looking through vintage photos and each one always has some terrific railfan’s view of their favourite prototype and I thought about those photos when I read this post. I think one of the hardest parts of building a model railway is to find a way to show visitors that vision we see when we look at what we’ve made and what turned us on about that prototype and I really feel like I got that from this post.

    So cool. Great work.

    • Hi Chris:
      Thanks for the kind words – much appreciated!
      It’s always satisfying when others see the vision…

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Really nice photo. There are a lot of different subtle colors and a lot of different foliage. Oh ya, the trains look good too!

    Mike S

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