Maybe I should add a car ferry operation in Port Rowan…

… because when I went to the layout room this evening, I found a lake.

The city had a nasty thunderstorm this evening – 100 mm (about 4″) of rain in about an hour. (To put that in perspective, that’s not only a record-breaker – our previous one-day rainfall record was about 29mm – but it’s also more than the 70mm average rainfall we receive for the entire month of July.)

300,000 people without power, flooding everywhere, people stranded in their cars. Even our local commuter system, GO Transit, had issues:
 photo GO-Train-2013-07-08_zps3da93239.jpg

Another view of a flooded GO Train photo GO-Train-2013-07-0802_zpsc16c49df.jpg
(Mark Blinch/REUTERS)

So, I was lucky – I had puddles, although most of the (old and undulating) basement floor was submerged to some degree or another.

Fortunately, it was storm water – not sewage. The water slowly drained away, hurried along by my wife and I deploying mops and buckets. We worked for about 3 hours and emptied several buckets worth in the laneway behind our house, where it won’t beat us back indoors.

Most of the water has been taken care of and a dehumidifier is working to pull away the rest.

Before I started this layout, I put down a modular rubber floor system. It’s interlocking tiles, but designed for garages – so it’s perforated instead of having a solid surface. This is a good thing, because it profiles path for air to circulate under items on the floor.

As well, almost everything stored under the layout is in waterproof tubs. Not everything – but almost everything. A few things got wet – but nothing of consequence. Mostly, some lumber I had in the layout room, ready to use to frame the valance. It’s up off the floor now and when I get a chance in the morning, I’ll set it out to dry in the garage.

Glad I had everything in tubs. Glad I’ve been working to get stuff – like scenery materials – out of tubs and onto the layout. It could’ve been much worse, but all is okay now and while more rain is forecast, it’s not supposed to hit like it did tonight.

Time to rest.

11 thoughts on “Maybe I should add a car ferry operation in Port Rowan…

    • Seth:
      I’m normally not that on the ball – I got lucky. Actually, considering the night that some people had last night – very lucky!

  1. Hey Trevor,
    Glad your layout survived! Was in Markham yesterday and drove home on the 407 in that torrential deluge…it was frightening indeed!

  2. You were lucky, In Melbourne in summer we usually get a cloud burst that can drop the same amount in the same time frame, Chaos reigns, streets are flooded, people trapped on the roof of their cars, some parts of town have ‘tide indicators’ showing how deep the water is and yet we still have some punters who think that the are U-boat commanders. Tram traction motors don’t like anything higher than four inches above the rail head. I’m tipping someone has blamed global warming already, but this has been going on since Adam was a boy. regards

  3. Glad to hear you survived relatively unscathed. It could have been much worse from the news reports I saw this morning. Cheers. (Been on the move out of the country so I am just getting caught up.)

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