Lynn Valley trestle: Installation underway

Installing the trestle in the Lynn Valley.

With the riverbed in place, I’ve decided I can now install the Lynn Valley Trestle.

It’s not easy to see, but in the above view of the trestle, the bents sit in notches carved into the foam board scenery base. In fact, they float in these notches, just above the plywood riverbed.

I started by spiking the rails on either side of the trestle to secure it in place. I then spooned ballast into the notches to fill them, and applied dilute white glue to lock the ballast around the bents:

Installing the Lynn Valley trestle.

There’s more scenery detailing to be done, including staining the ballast a darker colour. Next steps include building the wing walls for the abutments, building the scenery up to track level, and detailing the riverbed and banks.

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