Ain’t no cure…

… for the summertime blues. Except, perhaps, dehumidifiers.

Whether it was the minor flooding earlier this month, last week’s super-hot weather, a combination of the two, or some other factor – the layout is not running well.

I’ve had a few derailments over the past couple of days, which is way more than normal (which is “none at all”). And yes, I’ve noticed the irony that as soon as I install a working derail on the layout…

In addition, one of my moguls obviously has a dirty sound cam so that sometimes it sounds like it’s beating out a military tattoo. Instead of a “chuff-chuff-chuff-chuff”, I get a “chuff-chuffity-ch-chuff-chuffity-chuff”. You get the idea.

I suspect a spike in humidity in the layout room is to blame. I have a vintage dehumidifier but it’s time to go looking for a new one – hopefully quieter!

10 thoughts on “Ain’t no cure…

  1. Same problems here, condensation where there shouldn’t be any! Rona has pretty good dehumidifiers and they are quiet.

    • Hi Daniel:
      Good luck with the moisture and thanks for the tip – off to big box central today to check Rona, Home Depot, Canadian Tire…

  2. Trevor,
    I’m sure you are thankful that you didn’t fill your basement with trains. Maintenance is the forgotten guerilla that pops up even on well designed and executed layouts.

    • Hi Ed:
      Agreed! I’m glad I only have eight turnouts to worry about. I think that tighter control over humidity levels will address the problem…

  3. Just a guess, really, but don’t de-humidifiers create static electricity? If so, rails and wheels may be attracting odd bits of dust, etc, the build up of which could lead to derailments.
    Might be something to look out for when buying a new de-humidifier.

    • If that’s the case, Simon, then I might as well give up on trains right now. I can have a hot humid layout room in the summer – complete with all the frustration that results – or I can run a dehumidifier 24/7.

      It’s a moot point anyway: I checked several stores today and they’re out of dehumidifiers. I’m guessing their inventory for the season is exhausted and I’ll have to wait until next year…


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