Time to tackle St. Williams

While working out how to handle the LCL traffic at St. Williams, it occurred to me that it’s probably time to focus more on this area of the layout.
M233 at St. Williams depot photo M233-StW-Depot_zps73d83bf1.jpg

M233 at St. Williams west photo M233-StW-West_zps28961473.jpg

I’ve done an overall first pass of scenery on the layout, but the Port Rowan area has received a lot more attention in this regard, with the addition of second-wave elements such as weeds and bushes. Port Rowan has also benefitted from the addition of a few finished structures such as the coal dump, the section house, and the team track barn.

St. Williams has crops, but no fences. There are no trees, no weeds, and no bushes. The team track area has one finished structure – the grain storage building I’ve relocated from Cheltenham – but the station area is still 100% mocked up.

And I’m in the mood to tackle the very modest St. Williams station. (Much more modest than the original, Grand Trunk-era station, which was similar to the one I have to build for Port Rowan.)

Interestingly, this web site says the station still exists as a storage shed somewhere…

No promises on when I’ll get this done. But stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Time to tackle St. Williams

  1. Trevor,

    The layout looks fantastic, especially in the short time you have worked on it. It is the journey not the finish that makes it fun.


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