Lynn Valley water tank: Thanks Robert!

I’m grateful to noted Canadian rail photographer Robert Sandusky, who has given me permission to share one of his photos of the Lynn Valley Water Tank via this blog:

Lynn Valley water tank - Robert Sandusky photo.

Robert took this photo on December 5, 1953. It shows CN 2-6-0 #85 pausing for water. As an aside, I’m told this train is most likely backing towards Port Dover (to the right) in this scene. Apparently they did that, which would have made for a pretty slow seven-mile trip to the end of the line.

Note how the tank is on the outside of a gentle curve here. I discussed this challenge this has presented for me in a previous posting.

I’m particularly intrigued by the lever on the top of the tank that controls the flow of water. The fireman is pulling on a rope to start the water flowing. The other two lines in the image are fine chain attached to the counterweights that balance the spout.

Sharp eyed viewers will note the lever has three connections – just above the roofline of the tank. From other photos, I’ve determined that the one closest to the tracks is the fulcrum for the lever. Of the other two, one will be the chain that pulls on the mechanism to start the water flowing.

But what’s the third connection? Could it be a weight suspended inside the tank to help return the mechanism to the closed position? I don’t know.

If you have any information, please offer it up in the comments section. Thanks!

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