Shiny boxcars

3 CNR 1937 AAR boxcars - painted photo CN-SteelBoxes-Painted_zps561e7654.jpg

Yesterday was perfect painting weather, so I airbrushed these three boxcars. They’re 1937 AAR steel boxcars from Pacific Rail Shops that I’ve detailed for the CNR:
3 CNR 1937 AAR boxcars - ready for paint photo CNR-1937AARx3-ReadyForPaint_zps4c255afe.jpg
(Click on the image for more information about the detailing changes I’ve made)

The cars are dry to the touch now, but still smell of paint so I’l leave them for a few days before I start lettering them.

The wheels will also get replaced (with wheel sets from Northwest Short Line, which I use on all of my rolling stock), which is why they’re coated in paint. Same with the Kadee couplers, which started out black and were already mounted on these kits when I bought them. I prefer the brown Kadee couplers since I am careful to not add any paint or weathering to couplers so that they operate properly.

While the paint cures, I can peruse my prototype photos and decal sets, and start choosing numbers, build dates and other markings. These three cars will expand my in-service CNR boxcar fleet by 50% so I’m looking forward to getting them finished!

2 thoughts on “Shiny boxcars

  1. Did you prime them first? I’m thinking in terms of the strip wood and the brass and plastic details you added. The cars look great. You can really se the difference between the different “reds.”

    • Hi Daniel:
      Thanks – and no: no priming at all. With other paints, I would – but with the paints from the CNRHA, it’s really not needed. In fact, I didn’t even wash the cars before painting them. The old, factory-applied lettering is still on the cars – under the paint somewhere.
      I’ll find substitutes, like everybody will, but I’ll miss these paints when they’re no longer available…

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