Getting tanked on the wrong side of the track

I have a decision to make about the placement of the Lynn Valley tank on the layout.

I’ve planned for it to be on the aisle side of the track, as shown here:

Tank on the aisle side.

Most photos I’ve seen of the tank are taken from the tank side of the track so this is the natural place from which to view the scene. But there are problems with this location.

At this location, the mainline curls through the Lynn Valley such that the tank is on the inside of the curve. This can be seen when looking up the track from Port Rowan:

Looking up the track towards the water tank.

But when I look at the prototype pictures, the tank appears to be on the outside of the curve:

Lyn Valley tank - DVD photo GPS-Vol5-Cover
(Click on the image to find out more about this video.)

If I put the tank on the opposite side of the track, I can duplicate that relationship:

Tank and track - a general view.

I can even shoot photos that are very close to what I see on the prototype (although with the bridge in the picture):

Tank - recreating the Brocklin view.

The tradeoffs? Well…

– Trains will be running the opposite direction from the prototype as they pass this scene. But I can live with that.

– It’s also a less interesting scene with the train running in front of the tank, instead of behind it, although the space in the foreground would be filled with trees to add some visual interest. And I should still be able to enjoy interesting views of the scene.

Tank on the wall side of the tracks.

– The tank would no longer be between the track and the Lynn River, which wanders away from the track at this point. But the portion of the river that would feed the tank if it were on the aisle side would be in the aisle anyway, and unmodelled.

As a bonus, having the tank on the far side of the track would make it easier for operators to line up the tender fill hatch for watering. So while it’s the wrong side of the track, I think it’s the right side of the layout.

Overview of the scene from track level.

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