When Pierre Oliver visited yesterday he also brought along a stack of custom labels for the fascia, which he acquired from an online sign-making company. When we finished with the valance support project, we installed these.

Labels are useful for new operators to figure out layout controls. They also help operators and visitors orient themselves. I decided to get engraved plastic labels in two colour schemes:

– I chose white on blue for information related to operations (such as station signs and switch stand labels).

– I used white on black for identification purposes (such as road crossings and bridges).

Here are couple of photos of the labels in the fascia:

Switch Label photo Fascia-Labels-01_zps655faee2.jpg
(West siding switch in St. Williams – white on blue)

Station Label photo Fascia-Labels-02_zps39a38c75.jpg
(St. Williams station label – white on blue)

Feature Label photo Fascia-Labels-03_zpsc1ad1976.jpg
(Bridge label – white on black)

Since I’ve transported a chunk of the nearby Lyn Valley into my Port Rowan branch, I simply made up milage figures for features in the valley that I’ve identified with a sign. The station mileposts are correct: St. Williams at 13.53 and Port Rowan at 16.92. The bridge names are the names used for the bridges today, as part of the Lyn Valley Rail Trail. They will help visitors who have walked or ridden the trail to identify the bridges.

The layout continues to establish its sense of place. These labels certainly help with that.

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