Equipment storage shelves

With four trains staged and ready to go, my four-track sector plate is getting pretty full. There’s little space to store extra equipment on the rails – and if I store it there, it’s in the way when I want to build new trains. Something needed to be done. So I’m doing it:
Equipment Storage Shelves photo EquipmentStorage-01_zps101c4171.jpg

Following the success of my two slide-away work desks, I decided that the 20″ under-mount slides I picked up at my local Lee Valley Tools (item 02K33.20) could be used to create slide-away shelves under the sector plate to hold additional equipment. Accordingly, I purchased three more sets, plus three laminated pine project boards from Home Depot. These are 16″ x 36″, but I cut them down to 31″ to fit between existing layout legs.

Based on 40-foot boxcars, each shelf will hold four rows of three cars with plenty of room to spare, so the three shelves give me capacity for approximately 36 pieces of rolling stock – depending on length. I mounted the first shelf 6″ down from the layout benchwork, to give me room for the box I use to hold waybills: I might as well keep it where the cars are stored and trains are built.

The lower two shelves are mounted with 4″ of vertical clearance – plenty of space for my S scale equipment:
Equipment Storage Shelves photo EquipmentStorage-02_zps854098b7.jpg

This is a work in progress – obviously, the shelves need walls to prevent equipment from rolling over the side – and in fact, something to keep the equipment from rolling at all. I’ll also want a cover for each shelf to protect the equipment from dust. I have a cunning plan…

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Equipment storage shelves

  1. A couple of quick passes with a table saw or similar can make parallel grooves resembling S-scale track — A technique I’ve seen used for building display cases.

    • Hi Rich:
      It’s a good idea, and I thought about that. But while that would provide some direction to the rolling, it wouldn’t actually prevent rolling.
      As mentioned, I have a cunning plan. Stay tuned…

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