Tree Armatures for the east Lynn Valley

I’m really in a tree-making mood these days…

 photo Trees-LV-East-01_zps8a33510a.jpg

Having recently twisted up wire armatures for 11 trees in St. Williams, I decided to keep twisting – and have created several armatures for trees at the eastern edge of the Lynn Valley scene. This is the small piece of rolling land between the Stone Church Road overpass and the Robinson Bridge over the Lynn River.

So far, this modest space has sucked up 17 trees and I can easily see a need for another half-dozen.

Trees-Lynn Valley East photo Trees-LV-East-02_zps56f33855.jpg

It’s a good thing I like making them, and that they can be twisted while doing other things such as watching TV.

At some point, I’ll have to start pulling armatures from the layout and start painting flexible modelling paste onto the trunks and major branches. Then they’ll need canopies and leaves (because I’m modelling August, not November!) – plus more scenery work to blend them into the layout. But for now, I’m happy to twist wire…

4 thoughts on “Tree Armatures for the east Lynn Valley

  1. Hey, I have never made a tree like this, but sounds like a great concept, and look great too.
    Well, as “Chubby Checker” used to say (sing), – ” Let’s Twist Again Like We Did Last Summer!”
    Thanks for sharing, Trevor.

    • Hi Neil:

      If you check the “Trees” category of my blog you’ll find more information about how I make these. The trees you see in the pictures in this post are the first step – twisting the armatures. They will be coated with flexible modelling paste (available from art stores) to make bark, then painted and finished with leaves. You’ll find photos of finished trees in some of my older postings.

      I highly recommend the books on tree-building by Gordon Gravett. Search his name on my blog and you’ll find out more about them, including options for ordering. They’re well worth the cost.

      I should add that making trees this way is relatively inexpensive. I buy florist wire for about $2.50 per package, and each package makes 5-8 tree armatures. So, the armatures are less than 50¢ each. A tub of flexible modelling paste will do dozens upon dozens of trees. Each tree requires about two tablespoons of modelling paste. The biggest expense is the leaf canopy – I use Woodland Scenics tree canopy (a netting covered in ground foam) and then enhance the leaves with product from other suppliers.


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