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With yesterday’s delivery of a box of air, I made significant progress on the equipment storage shelves I started earlier this week.

It started with an assessment of needs, then a trip to the trim section of my local building supply store. I picked up some poplar “strip wood” (the full-size kind, not the stuff we use for models) in 0.5″ x 3.5″ and 0.5″ x 0.5″ sizes, plus other supplies. When I got home, I set to work adding sides and ends to the previously built shelves.

To keep rolling stock from rolling about on my shelves, I cut sheets of 0.25″ thick acoustic foam to fit the shelves. I then cut lengths from the 0.5″ square stock and screwed them in place, through the foam, to form four divisions on each shelf. The dividers are spaced with 2.5″ between them – plenty for my S scale rolling stock.

Here’s how the shelves look now:

 photo EquipmentStorage-03_zps244941ff.jpg

Equipment sits on a soft bed and doesn’t roll. Perfect!

I have not yet added a back to the shelves. And I may cut more pieces of the acoustic foam and attach them to the tops of the dividers, to extend the dividers the full height of the boxes I’ve created: While equipment doesn’t roll, some of it does rock a little. I don’t expect this to be a problem but one should always expect the best and plan for the worst, right? I am also considering options for a cover to keep dust off stored equipment.

The good news is, the equipment seen in the above photo represents most of my excess stock – and it all fits on one shelf. That means I have a second shelf that’s mostly empty and ready for more equipment.

Even better, the sector plate is now much less cluttered – and therefore more functional.

Here’s the sector plate as it looked earlier this year – with excess stock tucked behind almost every train, and on the base behind the sector plate:

Full Staging photo FullStaging-02_zps2fd626b3.jpg

The situation has actually gotten worse since that photo was taken, as I’ve been adding boxcars to the fleet.

Now, here’s how the sector plate looks today. There’s one train out on the line, but no extra stock in the scene. (Well, except for The Flying Yankee, which I need to return to its display case in my office.)

Staging without Clutter photo Staging-Decluttered_zps0b30ec9e.jpg

Much better!

I have a third shelf, which I have not yet fitted with dividers and foam. Before I do that, I’m going to think about how I want to use that third shelf. I mounted it with enough clearance to hold my waybill box and other tools necessary for hosting operating sessions.

I’m pleased with how this project is turning out, and with the space I’ve freed up in staging.

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