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Deadfall-Reference Photo photo Deadfall-04_zps60b04abe.jpg

Following my recent post about modelling a forest floor, a friend got in touch by email to offer some excellent suggestions for modelling deadfall, as he has done on his layout. That got me thinking about deadfall while walking the dogs, and I took a number of reference photos in the managed forest where we like to walk.

Here they are – for my reference and yours. Enjoy!

A fallen tree, like this one, would be a good way to disguise where a stream or narrow river meets the backdrop – as my Lynn River does in two locations on the layout:
Deadfall-Reference Photo photo Deadfall-01_zpsf2b96bb3.jpg

When this tree fell, it landed in the branches of another tree. It was the only such instance of this that I saw on my walk – so not something to overdo:
Deadfall-Reference Photo photo Deadfall-02_zps9053df4c.jpg

The relationship between fallen tree and stump is interesting, and a useful reference for modelling:
Deadfall-Reference Photo photo Deadfall-03_zps0d935573.jpg

I like the peeling bark on this one – and how the birch bark draws the eye in amidst a dark forest floor:
Deadfall-Reference Photo photo Deadfall-05_zps2eb71167.jpg

4 thoughts on “Deadfall :: Reference Photos

  1. Great photos! Another thing to notice in the third photo is the three birch saplings growing from the old stump. That would be a cool detail to include.

    Mike Cougill

  2. Thought you were working on a new James Bond movie there. Good point about stuff growing from the old stumps, could be ferns, other species, too. We had one full size tree fall over last spring up North revealing that it had been growing on a large rock, so not well anchored. It lodged in other trees at a 45 degree angle for a few months and eventually fell horizontal, lifting it’s root ball in the air, another great idea for the scene.

  3. Nice! A not so often modeled detail. The branch up in the fork would be a nice touch and David’s root ball is something that’s quite common, but hardly ever modeled.
    Really have been enjoying myself reading your past posts. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Russ.
      Thanks for the kind words and welcome aboard. I’m looking forward to trying to duplicate some of this deadfall on my layout. Stay tuned…

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