Hello World! (2013)

Anybody who has set up a WordPress blog will recognize that as the title of the default post that WordPress provides as a template.

Two years ago today, I saw that title and thought, “Well, here we go…”

So, two years later, where are we? Here’s a breakdown…


As a writer and recognizing that I wanted to use this as a diary – a means to document my modelling of the CNR Port Rowan branch in S scale – I knew that I would post fairly frequently. Well, including this post, there are 588 blog entries. (If you’ve slogged through all of them, then thank you. I’m glad you’re still here!)

Of those posts, here are the top five, in terms of popularity (recognizing that I’ll make them even more popular by including links to the full posts):

1 – “Up to my ears…” – about building the cornfield at St. Williams.

2 – “The elegance of switch lists” – about how I use prototype-based paperwork to handle freight car switching.

3 – “How about a layout plan?” – in which I provide one.

4 – “Bushes and weeds for the Lynn Valley” – describing how I’ve scenicked a corner between the Port Rowan apple orchards and the Lynn River.

5 – “Working a freight extra [1]” – this was the first of an eight-part posting in which I documented the work of X1560 to Port Rowan and back.


This really, quite pleasantly, surprised me. The blog currently contains 1,694 comments.

Now, I would guess that half of those are comments I’ve posted in response to other comments. Maybe more, maybe less. But even conservatively, that still means more than 800 comments from readers.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write!

I didn’t know if anybody would be interested in a layout that depicts a fraction of a small and little-known branch… and in a niche scale. But I’ve had wonderful responses from readers.

There are many “Attaboys”, which are always appreciated – but also many, many great comments offering information or sources of information, historical context, and so on. Plus, many thoughtful questions from people who like what they see and are finding ways to use it in their own modelling – whatever the scale, gauge, era or theme.

I’m really enjoying these conversations and look forward to many more.


This is humbling:

In my first, partial year (basically, four months of 2011), I received more than 26,000 hits on this blog.

In the 12 months of 2012, I logged more than 179,000 page views.

So far this year – with four months still to go – I’ve topped 214,000 views.

Add it up, and that’s more than 419,000 page views in two years.

Wow. Way beyond what I expected.

Thank you, everyone, for reading – and engaging with me on this blog. I look forward to more conversations in the coming year.


And if you’ve read this far, you get to enjoy my favourite comic strip commentary on writing a blog. Obviously, I’m doing it for other, more noble, compensation…

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17 thoughts on “Hello World! (2013)

  1. Wow, two years. Congrats on a journey taken. I for one have enjoyed this trip through the construction of your layout. I have learned much and I am in the process of applying my new knowledge. Thanks for sharing, Trevor.


  2. I appreciate the effort you’ve put into this blog. Building a layout is enough work for most of us without adding all the documentation. One thing is evident, building to the prototype and figuring out how to run it like the CN did has pretty well eliminated the false starts and rebuilding phase we all go through. Very interesting.

  3. Congratulations Trevor. Like many others, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog and have benefitted tremendously from your generosity.

    Mike Cougill

  4. Even though I am a new member, I have really enjoyed and benefited from what I have been able to read so far. Hopefully I will get some time to go back through some of your older posts and catch up. Congrats.

  5. Also Congratulations. I visit several times week.
    Your site is my S scale inspiration to keep at it. Currently redoing the model space to an S scale version J.H. Geissel’s Chester Valley layout.


  6. Thanks for taking all the time and effort to share your modeling efforts with us. I have gotten a lot of new ideas from your blog. I can’t wait to see more postings and articles in the railroad magazines as you go forward.

    Mike S

  7. Trevor–

    I’ve enjoyed reading your ideas, and how they are applied to your layout and modelling techniques. I almost always learn something new when reading your blog, and many ideas that I either have or will use in my model-building.

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said–“Great people discuss ideas”.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

  8. Trevor;

    I too have become a rather loyal follower, I see to make it over to your blog almost daily… and I am always amazed at how many posts you are putting up, as one other comment stated it’s hard enough to do a layout let alone contribute so much great info ! Thanks so much for your generosity and time to start and continue this blog, it has been a real eye opener to see how much more a layout can be, large or small, keep up the great work! We all appreciate it!

  9. Isn’t WordPress awesome?

    I’ve had websites since the Internet started and it used to be very labor intensive to set up and maintain a website. You had to create the database, the templates, the scripts, and the coding yourself. I learned HTML, JavaScript, SQL, and PERL, just so I could maintain a simple website. But now it’s all modular and simple. I love it.

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