Roof Trusses coming from TractorFab

TractorFab is a company specializing in, as the company puts it, “Precision Farming in 1:64”. My farm windmill – an etched brass kit – came from TractorFab.

When I ordered the windmill kit, I signed up for the company’s email newsletter. The September issue has just arrived in my inbox and includes an exciting announcement, which reads as follows:

New Product Preview: TractorFab is working on laser cut wood trusses made to your specifications. No more need to hand cut and glue multiple trusses for your building projects! Simply select the style you want, and supply us with the length, height and quantity. The trusses will arrive shipped to your door! Details will follow soon on this great new product!

What a brilliant idea! Combined with the joist setting jigs from Rusty Stumps (available in 16-inch and 24-inch centres), building a roof should never be easier.

As an aside, I note TractorFab now offers a rather natty workbench with peg-board for hanging tools, in 1:64. Click on the thumbnail at the above link for a better view.

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