Mainline Modeler

Has it been seven years already?

If I could have one thing that would increase my enjoyment of the hobby, it would be the complete collection of Mainline Modeler magazine on DVD – just like the 75 Years of Model Railroader and the 70 Years of Trains Magazine DVDs.

That is all.

Mainline Modeler photo MainlineModeler_zps4e5c4b0b.jpg
(Click on the magazine cover to read more about Mainline Modeler)

7 thoughts on “Mainline Modeler

  1. Another option would be to add it to the stable of magazines hosted at TrainLife.

    And since we are in the topic of TrainLife, I wouldn’t mind seeing Railroad Modeler (Challenge Publications who published a number Modeler titles) hosted there as well. While a distant third to the two heavyweights of the model railroading press (MR and RMC) there was a unique perspective that was refreshing.


    • Hi Vince:
      Agreed. TrainLife would be far better than having the knowledge disappear.
      Obviously, Bob Hundman would have to agree. But once he did, I bet an army of volunteers would get the issues scanned in short order.
      It would be a fitting legacy to the hobby.
      Perhaps someone who has some influence with Bob will read this and help make it happen? One can hope…

  2. I have a complete set of Mainline Modeler and plan to keep them. While I primarily model narrow gauge, it is a great reference tool full of modeling tips.

  3. A pdf collection of Mainline Modeler would be great (of course, a pdf collection of MR I could load on my iPad would also be great). In the interest of adding to the list, it’s worth noting that nearly a decade of Model Railroading magazine is also available on pdf.

    • Hi Paul:
      Thanks for mentioning Model Railroading magazine. Good addition to the discussion. I purchased that collection and it’s very nice to have.

  4. I have seen Main line Modeller referred to in a book, but it appears to be not in existance any longer. Is it true

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