More on the Selkirk Leaf Company

Selkirk Leaves photo SelkirkLeaf_zps9f1a41cb.jpg
(These really are the best darned scale leaves I’ve ever seen…)

Leaves from Selkirk Scenery are really nice, and for a while they were hard to get. But the company has a new name – The Selkirk Leaf Company – and a new owner. (For more information, see my previous posting about Selkirk.)

I’m pleased to report I placed an order and received it promptly. I have several bags of the three colours shown above. Clockwise from upper left, they are: Dry Brown, Medium Green and Dark Green.

I look forward to putting these to good use on my trees.

Thanks to Nigel Knight for bringing back this great product!

3 thoughts on “More on the Selkirk Leaf Company

  1. Thanks for the update, Trevor. They/he carries two sizes, namely for S and smaller, and for O and bigger. Which size did you get? And, which would you recommend for S-scale trees?

    – Peter.

    • Hi Peter:
      I went with the O and larger. I think it provides a nice leaf shape and fools the eye into seeing leaves – as opposed to something that looks like ground foam.
      Hope this helps…

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