Fence post wires

Fence Wire photo FenceWire-02_zps7eb172b8.jpg

In an earlier post, I wrote:

I have not yet decided whether I’m going to add fence wire between the posts, using E-Z Line. It would better convey “fence” to viewers, but I worry about it picking up dust or catching uncoupling picks. I may try a small section and see if I like it.

I was tempted to think on this some more, but then I remembered an even earlier post, in which I commented that hobbyists spend a lot of time asking questions and pondering possibilities, when often:

The only way to answer that is to do some tests for yourself.

So, I took my own advice and I strung some E-Z Line between the posts in St. Williams. (Click on either image in this post to view a larger version)

I think this gives a better impression of “fence” than just the posts, although I’ll admit it’s darned tricky to see from normal viewing angles on the layout. If the E-Z Line becomes a problem, I can rip it off the posts easily enough. We’ll see how it goes…

Fence Wire photo FenceWire-01_zpsc835e0fb.jpg

18 thoughts on “Fence post wires

    • Hi David:
      The wire is the “charcoal” E-Z line. I use the “heavy” (vs “light”). It’s excellent for power lines, too.

  1. I have to echo the others…looks great as does the ROW defined by the posts. While not the required 66′ ROW, the posts convey the feeling one gets from standing on the tracks and looking at the fence posts in real life. Works for me!

  2. Glad you have done this. It might be overscale, but the brain expects something to be there. It’s like brickwork. A well built brick wall has very little relief, even in the mortar lines. Reduced to 1:64 scale, it would be immeasurable, and yet embossed brickwork simply looks “right” because the brain knows that brick walls have texture, therefore if there isn’t any, it looks wrong, even if it isn’t!

    Hope that all makes sense…


    • I completely agree with your observation about our mind wanting to see some ‘texture’. I think some additional examples are (most) wood grain and sandy beaches; they’re typically represented out of scale but they look ‘right’.

      • I think the texture captures the light, but unlike a matt surface, there is a regularity to the pattern.

        Risk Uskert said:
        “While they may not always be readily noticeable in person, … …[we notice it] in the photos”

        Just like the real thing, then…

  3. Trevor,

    I agree with everyone. The wires look great! While they may not always be readily noticable in person, its the details in the photos that stand out to us.

    Not everyone gets to visit a layout in person, so we rely on high resolution photos (and then like to zoom in on them) to appreciate the work and details.


    Rick Uskert

  4. I have always been bothered by empty power and telephone poles when seen on layouts. I think Simon hit the nail on the head. Yes we all expect it to be there!
    Please keep up the excellent work. I look forward each Thursday when I arrive home of seeing your latest efforts..

  5. Thanks for the positive feedback, everyone. I plan leave the wires in place and see just how badly they collect dust – and how easy it is to clean them.

  6. Hi Trevor,

    A little late here, as I was in hot, hot, hot Scottsdale. The fence looks great and will help to “frame the scene” if you know what I mean. Really looking forward the trees , which will really add to finishing off the scene. Looking good!

    Mike S.

  7. Hi Trevor,
    Great fences. They look great and I agree with Simon, that our eyes don’t see the oversize modelling as long as it looks like it should be there!


  8. T-
    I’m getting ready to install my EZ Line on my T-Trak-S modules fence posts, but…
    I can’t tell for sure in your photos…did you wrap the line around the post or not. In my youth while working my aunt & uncle’s farm, when we strung barbed wire it was usually with “U” shaped nails directly on the post without wrapping around.
    If you wrap-around the posts, are you satisfied with the results?
    The goal with the T-Trak-S layout is to display at farm toy shows and I’m sure the Farm Folks have their version of “Rivet Counters.”

    • Hi Charles:
      Yes – I wrapped around the posts and yes, I’m happy with the results. I know the wires should be attached with U-shaped nails but that was more work than I was prepared to do. I had a lot of posts to wire.

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