1:64 Modeling Guide

I’ve just taken my first-ever subscription to the quarterly 1:64 Modeling Guide*.

This magazine is now an e-zine. I like e-zine formats because my house is already bursting at the seams with books, magazines and other paper. As it’s delivered as a PDF, I can store it on an external hard drive or load it onto an iPad/other tablet computer.

And, of course, e-zines cut out the cost of printing and mailing, so they can be offered at a lower cost (even if the publisher boosts the profit margin – an important consideration for many small companies that are hanging on by their fingernails). At four issues for just $21.95 or eight issues for $39.95 (US), I figure it’s worth a try.

I have no relationship with the publisher of the Guide – I’m just sharing what I’ve done here. But most of us can afford at least a trial subscription. So if you’re interested in S scale, why not subscribe for a year and review this quarterly publication to find out if the 1:64 Modeling Guide adds value to your hobby?

(Update: Unfortunately, subsequent to this post, the publisher of the 1:64 Modeling Guide decided to retire the brand, and has not yet decided whether to replace the guide with another publication.)

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