Oddball addition: GATX 480

GATX 480 photo GATX-480-01_zps4af02310.jpg

This cool tank car arrived in the mail for me today. It’s a brass model (imported by W.A. Drake and Company) of an 8,000 gallon Type-103 tank car. I particularly like the two domes.

What’s it doing on the Port Rowan branch? Who knows? Who cares!

That’s what team tracks are for…

10 thoughts on “Oddball addition: GATX 480

  1. Additional cars equals more imaginative fun later!!! Figure on the occasional LARGE order of kero for winter heating? Deisel for the local tractors? Maybe even a large order of suger syrup for the local beekeepers of which i am one! Enjoy the opppotunity to run trains whenever you can, only everyone else needs to care if its prototypical!

  2. Flying A gas was a California company that provided products from the many oil fields along the Espee in California. It was incorporated into the Richfield Gas Company in the 50s.

  3. A friend has pointed out that Imperial Oil ran very similar cars out of their refinery in Montreal. So a repaint may be in order. Meantime, I’ve upgraded my model with BTS air hoses and NWSL wheelsets, and it’s now in service on the layout. Which reminds me, I need to make up a set of waybills for it…

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