One for Simon (GATX 480)

I mentioned in the comments on my post about my recently-acquired two-dome tank car that I had upgraded my model with BTS air hoses and NWSL wheelsets. Simon Dunkley asked,

Can we have a picture of the results of the upgrade, please?

Simon: Of course – although there’s not much to see. I don’t have a “before” photo to compare this too, but the wheel profile is thinner and there are air hoses instead of Kadee uncoupling pins:
GATX-480-02 photo GATX-480-02_zps8b254349.jpg

Obviously, I have yet to weather the car. And I may still repaint it into a scheme more likely to be seen on a Canadian railway. (Maybe something like this?)

I really like the air hoses from BTS – part number 02302. These come four to a pack (enough for two cars) and consist of two brass castings (the glad hand, and the valve assembly) and a piece of flexible tubing.

I removed the brass air hoses that came on the tank car, cleaned out the mounting hole, and glued the BTS valve in place. Before mounting, I bent the post on which the tubing will fit so that when I put the tubing on it drops down almost vertical and angles in below the coupler a bit. I then fit the tubing and measure the drop for the hose – clip it off – and fit the glad hand. I double check that the glad hand is high enough that it will clear the rails – just – and then a drop of CA on each mounting post holds everything securely.

I brush-painted the brass pieces black and the flexible tubing black-grey, using Acrylicos Vallejo paints. Weathering will blend everything together nicely.

1 thought on “One for Simon (GATX 480)

  1. Aw, shucks. My own post…

    The wheels do make a difference, as does the hose.

    I think that an “Imperial” scale deserves an “Imperial” name on at least one of your freight vehicles, though!


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