GATX 480 – Weathered

 photo GATX-480-03_zps4fa434c5.jpg

While weathering my latest batch of CNR boxcars, I also aimed the airbrush at the GATX two-dome tank car I recently acquired. I’m pleased with how this one turned out. It’s not apparent in the above photo, but a coat of road dust along the frame and bottom of the tank really does bring out the details on this model.

I still haven’t decided whether to leave it in the Flying A paint scheme. The weathering job doesn’t make the prospect of repainting any easier, frankly…

7 thoughts on “GATX 480 – Weathered

  1. Leave it ! !
    Long time ago and for many decades (it’s still there). a lube oil blending plant in Long Branch, Ont, carried the name of Burmah-Castrol.
    Burmah-Castrol owned the rights to ‘Flying A’ and ‘Veedol’, both of Tidewater Oil fame in the U S.
    Therefore, it would have been possible to see a ‘Flying A’ tank car, wandering about the countryside, on it’s way to or from Long Branch.

    You do nice work, Trevor

    Ken Cutmore

  2. Hi Trevor,

    Looks good. The only suggestion I might make is to look into the use of hazmat placards for your era. I’m no expert on shipping regulations of the 1950’s, but I think they would make a great addition to this wonderful model. Keep up the good work.


    • Hi Walker:
      Thanks for these – they would make nice details. I wonder when placards started being used, and whether they were always of the same style? Would 1970s-1980s style placards be appropriate for 1950s rolling stock? Hmm… maybe someone with more first-hand knowledge than I can comment.

      • Hi Trevor,

        A quick google search turned up the following tidbit of information. Placards were certainly in use in your era.

        Unfortunately I don’t have access to any back issues of Mainline Modeller, but this blog post certainly points out the common characteristics of placards from your era. Maybe a white placard with red ‘inflammable’ on it, plus the standard cautionary message would work.

        Maybe one of your regular contributors who experienced the 50’s would have more information or remember a specific sighting.

        I hope this helps.


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