Why I blog

I’ve mentioned this several times before, but I’ll repeat it:

One of the best reasons to blog is the great information one can gather from readers by putting one’s thoughts online. Have a look at the comments section for Friday’s post about PRR hoppers appearing on the Port Rowan branch.

Steve Lucas and Jeffrey Smith have provided fantastic information about foreign-road cars on the branch, and in Canada in general. (Thanks guys!)

I’ve been fortunate to have so many readers become valuable contributors to this blog – and, by extension, to the layout and models I’m building.

If you have questions related to your own goals in the hobby, why not start a blog? You’ll be surprised at the answers you receive…

3 thoughts on “Why I blog

  1. Well, I finally did it! You may not recall the conversations we had at the Springfield show – and dinner afterwards in the parlor car – a (long) while back, but given those and this post of yours I finally got off the dime and started a blog. You can find it at http://blog.thevalleylocal.net/ There’s an associated website too, but that’s not quite ready for prime time yet – the only content is “Layout at a Glance” and my blog posts which get linked there on the homepage. But eventually the site will have all the more permanent/prototype info on the line I’m modeling. But the blog is “live” now for all intents and purposes – and even though there’s lots of content yet to post (like detail on “what am I modeling?” etc !), I figured it best to just go ahead and dive in. So, I thought I’d send you a quick “thank you” for your part in encouraging me to get started – and I figured commenting on this post would be the best way to do it!

    • Hi Chris:
      Thanks for getting in touch and letting me know: I look forward to following your progress. The layout is looking great too!

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