The Hand of Jim

My friend Jim Martin has been working on his S scale layout, upgrading the scenery in his excellent rendition of Port Dover, Ontario. He’s written a report on his progress, which I’ve posted for him on the S Scale Workshop blog.

Jim and I and the rest of the Workshop members like to encourage each other to do better by showing, and sharing. It’s a great group – and I’m fortunate to be an associate member. Jim and I also enjoy sharing ideas with each other about the two “Ports” – Dover and Rowan – that were served by the same mixed train.

Click on the image of Jim’s hand at work (below) to read more – and enjoy if you visit!
 photo Fallsceneryblog047_zpsb72df813.jpg

3 thoughts on “The Hand of Jim

    • Hi Terry:
      My pleasure – and be sure to tell Jim that directly, by commenting on the post on the Workshop’s blog…

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