A visit from Pierre

My friend Pierre Oliver and I played trains yesterday and had a great time doing it.

I’m handy at building tables in MS Word and have a nice, large monitor so we started the day by reproducing a time table for the Cayuga Subdivision – the line between Fort Erie and St. Thomas that the Wabash Railroad uses to cross southern Ontario as it connects Detroit to Buffalo.

As the photo below shows, Pierre models a short chunk of in the middle of this subdivision – the 45-mile stretch between Jarvis and Aylmer – and he plans to use Time Table and Train Order operation on his HO scale layout so having a proper time table will be essential.
Jarvis: 19 East, copy three photo Wabash-TTTO-03_zps81e31d7c.jpg

The time table we created has the prototype times in it, but Pierre will modify these as he does timing tests on his layout. It’s going to be a fun railway to operate.

Later, we ran a freight extra to Port Rowan and back. The layout ran very well, although I had a set of switch points with some grit in them, which prevented them from closing properly. There’s always something to get on top of. Pierre and I also batted about some ideas for my next projects, so I have a to-do list to tackle.

Last but not least, Pierre brought along some goodies for me. I’ll share these in subsequent posts.

Ironically, we’d invited a mutual friend to join us for the afternoon and didn’t hear back from him… until we were about half an hour into building Pierre’s time table. Great timing, and we’ll make sure our friend gets here next time.

Great, as always, to see you, Pierre – I’m looking forward to the next visit!

Pierre lives far enough away – about 2.5 hours by highway – that he prefers to stay overnight, so we had lots of time to socialize. Therefore, our day began with lunch at the Brunswick Avenue Pump – yet another area pub. It’s a fine place – not a foodie destination gastro-pub like my favourite local, but we planned to go to Harbord House in the evening.

And that’s what we did: We met up with my wife there (since it’s halfway between home and her workplace) and had another wonderful meal. Adult beverages were consumed, and while the world’s problems were not solved, we did get a start on ’em!

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