Dinner and ops with Andy and Mark

Last night, Andy Malette and Mark Zagrodney visited for dinner and an operating session.

I’d been doing a fair bit of work on rolling stock lately, and apparently I wasn’t as careful as I should’ve been when I put equipment back on the rails, because we had a number of derailments as X1560 West pulled out of Simcoe into St. Williams. Three lessons learned:

– Double check that rolling stock is on the rails
– Double check that rolling stock is on the rails
– Double check that rolling stock is on the rails

I also haven’t been running the layout much lately – there have been other things to do. Some of the turnouts and some of the equipment was a bit sticky as a result. Regular running – even short, partial sessions – solves most operating problems. Three lessons learned:

– Run the layout regularly
– Run the layout regularly
– Run the layout regularly

Andy enjoyed seeing one of his CNR eight-hatch refrigerator car kits built up and running on a layout other than his own. And Mark had us in stitches at dinner with a story about a modeller who managed to CA his hands – and pieces of the kit he was building – to his forehead.

Good to see you both!

It was a wet night outside, but we braved the weather for the short walk to Harbord House. We met my wife there, as HH is halfway between home and her place of employment.

Despite the weather, the pub was quite full – so the four of us lined up along the upstairs bar for dinner. The up side: We had excellent, attentive service and could simply point at the pint we wanted pulled. The down side: Sitting in a row, it was hard for all four of us to engage in conversation.

Still, I thoroughly enjoyed my portobello mushroom soup and reuben sandwich with fries and slaw… washed down with a couple of pints of Stationmaster’s Stout from Junction Craft Brewing.

2 thoughts on “Dinner and ops with Andy and Mark

  1. Yes, I find partial running sessions are a good thing too, even if it is only operating the local freight part of the way, and resuming its journey next evening! Also helps to keep the enthusiasm momentum going.

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