Swanning about

 photo Swans-01_zps8f358ce3.jpg

The Magic Water two-part resin has cured and I’ve been able to restore the swans to their proper place in the Lynn River.

I like the reflection of the swans in the water. To keep the water surface nice and shiny, I will have to remember that the vendor, Unreal Details, recommends cleaning with an “anti-static plastic cleaner”, which can be found at a hardware store near the plexiglass.

And that’s one of the reasons I write stuff like this down in a blog…

4 thoughts on “Swanning about

    • Great question, Bruce.
      I didn’t actually try with these pours – not anything completely submerged, like a fish.
      The trestle’s legs, the centre pier for the steel girder bridge, and the feet of wading cows are all in the water. But you’re talking about something in the middle of a pour.
      I can think of a couple of ways to do this.
      First, one could suspend the fish (or whatever) on pieces of wire projecting from the riverbed, then pour all at once.
      Second, the manufacturer says Magic Water can be poured in several layers without any problems so it’s probably possible to pour part of a body of water, glue details in place on top of the cured pour, then do a second pour to submerge the details.
      I would encourage modellers to experiment with this. Perhaps on a testbed (a test pond?) before trying it on their layout?

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