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I was reading the cover story by Bob Smaus in the current (October 2013) issue of Railroad Model Crafstman magazine and Bob mentioned that he’d had some lettering produced for an HO scale truck by a company called Diecast and Decals.

It’s the first of heard of this company and I’m intrigued so I thought I’d share it here. I’m going to get in touch with owner Joe Schulte to see if he can do some S scale lettering for CNR express and freight vehicles.

Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Diecast and Decals

    • Hi Pieter:
      Good catch – thanks for sharing it.
      That is indeed a set of Black Cat Decals. Several months ago, I discussed this set with Black Cat Brass Hat Al Ferguson. If I recall correctly, the artwork was done by a fellow in Canada’s Maritime provinces, so Al doesn’t have the artwork to do a rework in to S scale for me. But I’ll check with him again on that.
      This is one of two styles of truck I’ll need: Express trucks were dark blue – freight trucks were orange.
      I also like the truck beside the CN freight truck. I should ask the modeller what lettering sets he used.
      It would be great to have realistic lettering sets available, to replace the gaudy “novelty/collectible” lettering on most 1:64 die cast trucks. Anybody up to the challenge?

    • Thanks for writing!
      Keep in mind that we’re talking about decals for lettering miniature vehicles here – vehicles that fit in the palm of one’s hand. There are a few sources for decals in Canada, and of course we can get decals from the USA – but there’s not a lot of anything available in S scale. To add to the challenge, there’s not a lot of lettering in any scale to reproduce Canadian prototypes in miniature.
      I have found a really nice “Canada Cartage” logo online that would make for a great decal in S (and HO, and O, and…)
      I also know that a few years ago, a local store did a special run of trucks lettered for “Eaton’s” and “Simpsons” – two well-known Canadian department stores, both defunct.
      There’s an HO scale set of decals for lettering “Canadian National Railways Cartage” trucks (the orange ones), available from Black Cat Publishing. But no sets for the blue “Canadian National Railways Express” trucks.
      The quest continues…

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