Finished: CML 1952 (+ two CN reefers)

 photo CML-1952-Finished_zpse99c7a01.jpg

Over the past couple of days, I’ve managed to build and weather the Crooked Mountain Lines boxcar – an NMRA heritage car paying tribute to the late Bob Hegge‘s O scale interurban empire.

This was a particularly fun project because I decided to modify the kit’s brake system, inspired by an unconventional rigging arrangement found on some Pacific Electric boxcars. The change is fairly subtle when the car is on the rails – but the rod that connects to the handbrake at the B end of the car was moved to the side sill to allow the PE cars to negotiate tight curves. I thought it would be a nice feature on this car.
CML1952-Brakes-Detail photo CML-1952-Brakes-04_zpsa833e7f7.jpg
(Click on the photo to read more about the brakes)

I’m very pleased with how this project turned out.

While I was in the airbrushing mood, I also weathered my second and third of three CNR eight hatch refrigerator cars:
Last two eight hatch reefers finished photo TwoByEight_zps559e584f.jpg

I followed the same process as with the first of these cars. Now that I have three of these on the layout, I’ll be able to run the occasional reefer block during harvest season.

And yes, I realize while looking at these photos that I have to paint the air hoses and glad hands on all three cars. I tend to add these hoses last, after painting but before weathering, and I sometimes forget to paint them. It’s been added to the list…

8 thoughts on “Finished: CML 1952 (+ two CN reefers)

  1. It doesn’t hurt to have some cars running around with unweathered parts on them. It makes them look like they’ve had a piece replaced at the rip tracks. Also on newer era layouts with roller bearing trucks, it doesn’t hurt to paint the odd bearing end cap a light blue colour, and add varying degrees of weather to simulate a replacement wheel set. Weather the wheel face accordingly and do both ends of the same axle on the truck!

    • Thanks Walker. Good suggestions although roller bearing trucks are too new for my layout. Others doing mre modern eras may appreciate the idea, though.

  2. Trevor… I was pleasantly surprised to come across your tribute to Robert Hegge. Why? Because he was my uncle and I spent a lot of my childhood “watching” him run his Crooked Mountain Line system. It was many years before I was allowed at the controls and help him paint scenery. FYI, it originally started out as HO scale. It transitioned to O when he and my aunt bought a new home with a bigger basement. His patience was extraordinary; it had to be has he cut each railroad tie and laid track with miniature spikes by hand. Prefab track was forbidden. Thank you for honoring him.

    • Hi Doug:
      Thanks for getting in touch – and my pleasure. As I’ve said several times on this blog, your uncle’s articles and layout were a major influence on my own hobby.

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