8 thoughts on “The Collector’s Curse

  1. Well, totally! I’m going to a group meet this weekend where we try to swap or deal stuff with each other – must go and look at my shelves to see what I can leave behind! Also, I was seriously into garden railroading for quite a while but haven’t touched it in, oh, five years! It takes a lot of shelf space, I must say. Time for some yard saling there. Very relevant topic for many of us.

  2. I have an 8 x 8 x16 POD sitting in Las Vegas waiting for transport to Ocean View DE. I packed it in October 2012. About 13′ is model railroad related “stuff”. Delayed delivery is related to the new train room not being built yet but that is on the agenda.

    I will definitely keep the book collection although when I see prices of some of the long OOP books I have it is tempting to move them to new owners. I strongly suspect that all of the 1/20.3 will hit the sales tables. The Mainline Modeler collection is suspect and not sure about complete RMC since 1947 or so. I did buy the MR DVD so the 50 years of MR were given away in Las Vegas. The list goes on.

    It is a collection not hoarding but as I enter retirement I find the need to rationalize what to collect/save.– little money to add to it, little chance that I will ever build a layout to operate it given reduction in housing size and so on will be the standard for making disposal decisions.

    Wish the grandkids were a little older and had space in their parent’s homes to take the hand me downs but I think there parents look at it as grandpa’s curse and want nothing to do with it. If the kids want to see trains they will visit grandpa’s house at the beach!

  3. Wow – this looks like a really interesting topic, and often on the minds of us modelers (armchair & active ones alike – book collections, anyone?) Looking forward to heading over to Marty’s blog and checking it out – Should be a fun discussion – thanks for letting us know!

  4. Good thoughts. Continuing the onogoing process of downsizing/rightsizing my own basement hobby shop; an act compounded in difficulty by having more than one hobby (6 at last count, but with significant overlap in all cases). If only wage-slavery didn’t thoughtlessly intrude on personal pursuits…

  5. Being partway along the same path as Marty myself, having successfully moved on quite a bit of what I will never use myself, what I now find surprising is quite how many nearly empty boxes or containers I seem to be storing instead.

    No comments about how the baseboards stripped for a revised attempt at a layout have been transformed into shelves!


  6. I’m downsizing at the moment, as regards quantity!
    Yes, I’m still buying but only models that are appropriate, not just anything that takes my liking.
    It’s not easy, as you feel you’re letting down your LHS……

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