Banjos, living on the equator, and sticky air hoses

Just some of the many subjects covered when my friend David Woodhead dropped in yesterday!

After a couple of strong mugs of coffee – it was cold, and he walked over from his place about 15 minutes away – we headed to the layout room and ran an extra freight behind CNR 10-wheeler 1532. David wanted to have a go as conductor, so I handled the throttle and he juggled the paperwork. A fine time was had – plus all lifts lifted and spots spotted correctly, so I guess the 1:64 customers along the Port Rowan branch were pleased, too.

We had an issue with one boxcar. The train line air hoses were too long, and were catching in the frogs of turnouts. I hauled the car off the layout, pulled the glad hands out of the ends of the flexible hoses, snipped them shorter with a handy pair of scissors and replaced the glad hands. In no time, the car was back in service – problem solved! These are the sorts of issues that only crop up if one runs their layout – yet another reason to do so often!

David snapped a few photos, including this one of 1532 on the elevated Coal Track in Port Rowan:
Woodhead-131128-CoalTrack photo Woodhead-1532-CoalTrack_zps3a5b887a.jpg

I like the tree line that he added to the image with PhotoShop – a nice touch.

Great to see you as always, David – let’s do it again soon!

2 thoughts on “Banjos, living on the equator, and sticky air hoses

  1. Vegetation looks amazing, Trevor, including the new greener touch. But next time I have to remember to pump up the air before leaving town! Oh, and re-lock the switch stands, too. Ah, well, didn’t get fired, at least.

  2. Interesting putting the photo background in – I know it’s not like the Port Rowan area, it was shot in Algonquin Park, in fact – the vertical positioning is crucial and I’m finding that lower is better for most of Ontario. This is not Colorado! However, the implication for layout backdrops (I’m planning one now) is that the lower ones will photograph well but will look a little odd from standing position. My layout railhead height is 50″ from the floor, comfortable for operation. I’m looking for the right compromise to be found using green cardstock “hills’ taped to the walls.

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