The word always sets off the Genesis song of the same name in my head, but I braved the earwig and added ripples to the Lynn River this afternoon:
Ripples photo Ripples-01_zps384544b7.jpg

Ripples photo Ripples-02_zpsea7dd845.jpg
(Click on either image to view a larger version)

I followed techniques described by Gordon Gravett in the third volume of his excellent scenery books.

Doing the two segments of the river took about an hour and the tools were simple – a fan brush and a pot of gloss gel:
Ripple brush and gel photo Ripples-03_zps8d326082.jpg

This is just the right amount of movement in the water, I think. I’m pleased with the life that this imparts to the river and can now continue to add scenery to the (Tony) banks…

14 thoughts on “Ripples

  1. Awesome. Love the video as well. My first Genesis concert was in Kingston back in the day….’72, Peter Gabriel dressed as a flower… the “Banks” reference. šŸ™‚

  2. The last shall be first…Nothing wrong with a Genesis or Phil Collins earworm! Picture yourself on a station platform, waiting for a train. Maybe at Port Rowan?

    Love your work with the water, I have a small two-foot-long section of headshunt (pullback track) for my HO Peterboro section that has a creek running under a road/rail bridge. I can vouch that gloss medium works well to simulate rippled water.

  3. I don’t know what I like better….the effect of the water or seeing Phil Collins wearing a Minnesota North Stars jersey (or sweater if you would prefer!)

    • Any excuse to inject a little musical reference into a blog, Chris, and I’ll take it. The more obscure the better. I wonder if he still has that hockey sweater…

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