Update on rebuilding this site

I’ve spent a bit of time this evening restoring about a dozen posts to this site. (Long-time readers will remember I lost the entire site a couple of months ago, but my bacon was saved by reader Gordon Dobson, who had all of my postings – although not the comments – in his RSS reader.)

Newly restored posts include items on the water tank, the backdrop, the sector plate and the switch stands I’m using for turnout control – among other things. So if you’re looking for something, have a browse…

I’ll keep restoring old posts as time permits.

5 thoughts on “Update on rebuilding this site

  1. I’ve done several more posts today, including most of the baggage-mail car posts, some posts on boxcars, a trip through the Lynn Valley, and more.

    I’m enjoying restoring these, in part because it’s reminding me of things I want to do for the layout, and haven’t yet. I need to read my own blog more often.

  2. Another two dozen posts restored today – including the start of benchwork and lots of posts about resources. The backlog of unrecovered posts is dropping steadily.

    More tomorrow. Time to do some fresh work on the layout.

  3. I’ve restored 10 more posts this morning – mostly about subroadbed construction. More to come… but I’m getting there.

  4. A dozen more posts restored this morning, including posts on roadbed and ties.

    Step by step… inch by inch…

  5. 10 more posts restored today – including many notes on lighting. I’ve topped 160 entries, with more to come.

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