Photos of Forestville depot?

I’ve been contacted by a woman named Penny Plunkett who is working on a history of Forestville – one of the intermediate stops on the Port Rowan branch.

Penny is looking for information – in particular, photographs – of the Forestville depot. If you have any – or know of any sources for these – can you let me know via the comments to this post? I can then pass along the information.

(I don’t normally do this, because it could become a full-time occupation. But if others are looking for specific information about the railway – only between Simcoe and Port Rowan, please! – let me know and maybe some of my readers will have an answer.)

Thanks in advance!

1 thought on “Photos of Forestville depot?

  1. In my research of the Colorado Midland Rwy, these types of incidents, especially since I present lectures to various groups and historical societies have become a source of new information and photos. I love to incorporate the new finds into my programs and give credit to the folks who provided the information.
    I hope you have success in your efforts because it will become something “special” in your layout

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