“Better Built :: Ready Cut”

Bennett Homes - Catalog Cover photo BennettHomesCatalog_zps507df9af.jpg

As the image shows, that’s the tag line for the Bennett Homes Catalog from the 1920s. Bennett was a lumber company in North Tonawanda, New York that offered ready-to-assemble home kits – similar to those offered by The Aladdin Company, Sears, and others.

If you click on the cover image, above, you’ll visit a set on Flikr that consists of scans of the pages of the Bennett catalogue.

I stumbled across this resource while searching for plans for a suitable garage to go with the house I’ve just built for St. Williams:
St. Williams photo StW-House-11_zpsde78d0ff.jpg
(Click on the image for more on the house)

The Flickr set includes 78 scans of the catalogue. Each page features a house, with a photo and floor plans. And one page features four garage plans with photos – a perfect starting point for my model.

What a great resource for model railway enthusiasts!

7 thoughts on ““Better Built :: Ready Cut”

  1. This is a great resource. I must say there a few of the larger homes that appear in a few of the small towns near my cottage. I know that Eaton’s also supplied “home kits” at one time as well. Very interesting.

  2. How cool. So they built the pieces of their kit house in North Tonawanda and shipped them out by rail? North Tonawnada was a good place to start a business like this, with its massive supply of lumber right in town. I couldn’t find an address in the catalogue. I wonder where they were and how long they stayed in business.


    • True.

      I suspect a house kit would take up a full car – even though it would likely ship as LCL.

      One would certainly not want to be a passenger on M233 (the mixed train) waiting for such a kit to be unloaded at St. Williams!

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