No longer flexible enough

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While working on a project yesterday, my Dremel tool failed. I’ve had the thing for, well, so long I can’t remember, so it doesn’t owe me anything. But I was upset nonetheless because it has provided such great service over the years.

Good news, though! I mentioned this to my friend Chris Abbott, and he remembered that he’d read about this issue. He shared some information with me, and when I took apart the Dremel this morning it confirmed that he was right. The flexible coupling that connects the motor to the shaft had failed:
Dremel - Oops! photo Dremel-02_zpsd05963af.jpg

I think it simply disintegrated from old age. (Who doesn’t, really?)

More good news: I called Dremel and replacement parts are on the way. Service was excellent – thanks Dremel! And thanks, Chris, for pointing me in the right direction.

UPDATE (February 3, 2014): My replacement parts arrived today and it was a quick and easy fix. Thanks, Dremel – the tool is back in service!

12 thoughts on “No longer flexible enough

  1. Dremel is one of those outstanding companies that understands the need to stand behind their products. Got love them and if you are like me, you tend to buy their products for other uses.

  2. How many would have just chucked it out and not attempted a repair? Quality tools can be repaired if you have some basic skills. Good for Dremel and encylopedia Chris.

  3. Hi Bruce, Tom:
    Agreed on all counts. I would also credit Dremel for making it possible to open the tool, to determine the problem and repair it oneself. It’s a well-built but simple machine and the parts cost about $2.50 to make this repair – so there’s little need to take it to a repair depot. And, I finally had a reason to put my Torx screwdriver bits to good use! 🙂

  4. You have a certain thrill when you finally get to use a Trox driver. I had to use one yesterday when I had to replace a cooling fan in the computer power supply. $3.95 to get the poor baby up and running again and very little down time.

  5. Mine was a bit older and the diode matrix ad switch died. Didnt need no torx driver either. Sadly they dont make the parts no more.

  6. Good for Dremel! I am awaiting the return of my old Badger Airbrush from the company’s repair shop. It’s holding up progress.


  7. Somewhat surprised that this titbit of useful information was stored along with all of the cartoon theme songs and Monty Python quotes that take up most of my brain.

    • 85% of our brains are occupied by old song lyrics. That 15% left over at least has some good stuff in it, like solutions for busted Dremel tools. And “how to breathe”…

  8. My old Dremel had a bearing failure and they didn’t stock the part. That 15% didn’t get much use beyond the phone call to their parts depot. The good news is that I get to put those old song lyrics to work 🙂


  9. Same thing occurred to mine three or five (does it matter?) years ago. I called Dremel fully expecting to spend 15 minutes explaining the part to the rep. No need – she knew the products inside and out, deduced what failed before I told her, and suggested replacing an affiliated part at the same time as they sometimes failed at the same time. MIGHTY impressed…

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