Willow weep for me

 photo Willow-01_zps75dddd7d.jpg

I built this weeping willow yesterday, using techniques from the excellent Modelling Trees – Volume 1 by Gordon Gravett. I crafted a wire armature then filled out the branches with strands cut from a cheap “Elvira / Morticia Addams” style wig purchased last Hallowe’en, knowing that eventually I would put it to good use. The leaves are by The Selkirk Leaf Company. The tree took about 2-3 hours to make, plus drying time.
(For more on trees, check the Tree Category on this blog.)

I designed this tree to soften the transition between the Lynn River and the backdrop. It leans over the river, almost touching the water, where the river makes a sharp bend to disappear from view:
 photo Willow-02_zps5e47c19c.jpg

I’m pleased with the effect – and with how this scene is coming together. There are a lot more trees to build, but I have several armatures twisted and ready to coat. Fortunately, my general forest tree doesn’t take nearly as long as a willow!
 photo Willow-03_zpsde291b89.jpg

12 thoughts on “Willow weep for me

  1. I have all three volumes in my library. They are pricey due to the exchange rates and international postage but well worth every penny.

  2. Trevor
    That is one beautiful tree. I am sure happy that Weeping Willows are not natural habitants of my modeled part of Colorado.

  3. Trevor,

    Great tree! One or two or three like it would look good on my pike. I was also startled to see your spelling of Hallowe’en. My hometown (Monongahela, Pa.) newspaper spelled it that way.

  4. Wow!!

    This tree looks amazing. I really am looking forward to buying copies of these books and having a go at proper tree models myself.

    I figured that a willow would be difficult to produce. I could imagine making other trees but trying to replicate that lacey appearance of the willow just seems challenging (in a good way!) You’ve done an excellent and very inspirational job of it. Thanks for posting the photo.

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