Trees and trestle

I’ve been doing more work around the trestle in the Lynn Valley – and I’m really impressed by the difference all the new trees make to the scene. Here’s a sampler:

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-09_zps9ea59574.jpg

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-17_zpsf8767f49.jpg

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-13_zps9b365a5e.jpg

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-15_zpsa033d189.jpg

More words in the fullness. But I’ve burned through a Wallin-sized bottle of extra-hold hair lacquer and despite running the paint booth while doing this, the stuff has given me a headache. Plus – every time I shake my head, Selkirk Leaves fall out of my hair.

Time to get outside.

7 thoughts on “Trees and trestle

  1. This looks terrific. There’s a richness in the textrues that really rewards one for taking the time to really look deep into each photo. It certainly looks like somewhere that I’d be pretty keen to wait for a train.

  2. So many things jump out from these photos but, the telegraph running in front of the caboose and “ruining” an otherwise fine photo composition is just the perfect detail. Just absolutely perfect.

  3. Dear Trevor;
    This scene pulls me right in. I can hear the bull frogs, smell the flora and fauna,…and the creosote bridge ties. I can feel the wind on my back as I head down the bank to go fishing.
    Great art!



  4. Great work Trevor! All the pictures are wonderful, but my favorite is the one of the engine just crossing the trestle. Looks like a perfect place to watch trains!
    Thanks for this update on a great model railroad that is so realistic.
    Regards, Gord

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. As you’ll see, I’ve done even more work on this scene. There are now about 50 trees in the Lynn Valley – and I’m only about halfway done.
    Good thing I enjoy building trees, eh?

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