Halfway through the tree-eating Lynn Valley

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-11_zpse6f06d94.jpg
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As anybody who has planted trees on a layout can tell you, layouts eat trees at a frightening rate. There are approximately 50 trees in the above image – most of them scratch-built by me, using my variation on the techniques I learned from the Gordon Gravett tree books. And yet I’m only about halfway through adding trees to the Lynn Valley area. I’ve basically done the trestle scene on the Lynn River.

That said, I think trees are important and must be convincing on a layout so I’m very pleased with the progress on this scene. For the longest time, the “grass and occasional evergreen” in this area made it look more like something in the western mountains. The addition of so many deciduous trees to this area conveys the desired feel of Southern Ontario. What’s more, their height and placement – including trees between viewer and train – help disguise the fact that I was forced to use a fairly tight radius through the valley.

Still to come: more trees – a lot more trees – to the right of this scene as I head towards the water tank and Port Rowan. And I see a few spots in this area where I can add some bushes. But for now, I’m enjoying this transformation on the layout.

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-16_zps12ad5a46.jpg

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-14_zps89e59633.jpg

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-12_zps556f3ded.jpg

 photo LynnValley-East-Trees-10_zpsb0d5cb76.jpg

6 thoughts on “Halfway through the tree-eating Lynn Valley

  1. Trevor
    The scale of your trees create a realistic proportion with the railroad. You have been a busy guy building so many trees. The Selkirk leaf material is the most realistic on the market.
    Nice work,

    • Thanks Gene. I have indeed been busy. Fortunately, twisting the armatures – which takes the lion’s share of the time – can be done while doing other things like watching TV.

  2. Not only the number of trees make a difference, but also their actual size. Most trees on layouts are always too small. Yours are perfectly fitting the scene, dwarfing the train as it should be. They make the train a visitor running through a forested area and not the contrary. In that respect, your efforts are extremely rewarding as I feel – looking at your pictures – that your mainline is getting bonus length by using properly crafted forestation.

    • Hi Matt:
      Thanks for the kind words. And I’m glad you picked up on the “bonus length” idea – it was my hope that by using the trees as a soft view block, it would add some perceived distance between the scenes. And it does…

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