CNR 1560 – Sound comparison

As a follow-up to yesterday’s decoder replacement project, I’ve done a quick video comparing the sound of the old (light steam) and new (heavy steam) Tsunami decoder in CNR 10-wheeler 1560:

(You can also watch this directly on YouTube, where you may be able to enjoy it in a larger format)

The first clip in the video features sound from the old (light steam) decoder. It was shot a couple of years ago and featured in a video on this blog at the time. I followed this first clip with several clips of the locomotive in action with the replacement (heavy steam) decoder.

I’m much happier with the sound of the exhaust, the dynamo/generator, and the bell. I still need to tweak some of the decoder settings and adjust the speed table, but I’m glad I did the swap.

5 thoughts on “CNR 1560 – Sound comparison

  1. Sound great! I love steam, I hope that eventually we can get reasonably easy to install sound decoders for steam in N Scale.

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