How green is my valley

 photo LynnValley-West-Trees-15_zpse719a0bd.jpg

Over the past few weeks I’ve been pushing myself to get the trees done in the Lynn Valley. I’m almost done with building the trees – almost. I’m guessing that I have another half-dozen trees to do, each about eight inches tall. They’ll go in to the scene along the fascia near the water tank.
 photo LynnValley-West-Trees-16_zps7a6869b5.jpg

I lost count, but I’m confident that this area has more than 100 trees built from individually twisted wire armatures. It sure has changed the look of this portion of the layout.
 photo LynnValley-West-Trees-17_zps1c6788c2.jpg

I still have some detailing to do. For example, there are spots in the foreground where I’ll insert deadfall, saplings, and ferns and other forest floor plants under the trees. And I want to do another weeping willow to the right of the river in the above photo. Then there’s the rest of the layout: I estimate I’ll need another 50 trees for St. Williams and Port Rowan.

But I can see the light at the end of this Green Tunnel – and yes, it’s a headlight!

3 thoughts on “How green is my valley

  1. Always nice to find a new model railroad blog! I have just started to explore the blog, and have found a lot of interesting stuff.

    Looking forward to some more information on how you build your trees!

    Best regards,
    Harvard H, Norway

    • Hi Harvard:
      Welcome aboard – I’m glad you found my blog.
      I’ve written a fair bit about my trees. You’ll find more information in the “Trees” category – also found as part of the “Categories” menu on the right side of the home page.

  2. Far more intriguing than cotton balls on a stick and a fine example of the benefits of building a smaller layout.


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