Partially Painted Plow

 photo Plow-09_zps4b2248ae.jpg

I’m making great progress on my Ambroid snow plow project.

As the photos show, I’ve formed the metal plow blade and applied it to the supporting structure. I was really worried about doing this step, although comforted that the instructions note that if you mess it up, Northeastern Scale Models will replace the pre-marked tin sheet free of charge. The company will even send the modeller a cut and folded plow, ready for installation, for the princely sum of 50 cents. Of course, the offer is several decades old now…

I was tempted to take Northeastern up on the offer – nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? But in the end I dove in and Just Did It. The trickiest part was rolling the edges where they meet the back of the plow body, but I found a large diameter tube in my collection of brass shapes and used that to support the edges as I rolled them, and that seemed to work just fine. I ended up with a few wavy bits – but plows would’ve taken a lot of abuse so they’re not out of character.

I realized I would have to paint the plow in steps. For example, I painted the plow body so that I could add the window glass and then install the roof. (Going forward, I will have to paint the cupola parts and wings before I install those items.)

I’ve equipped the plow with arch-bar trucks from Iron Road Models, fitted with NWSL fine scale wheel sets. I think they give it a real “not for interchange” look:
 photo Plow-11_zpsc5057433.jpg

I’m really enjoying this project – in part for the problem solving that I’ve been forced to do. The instructions provide all the information one needs, but assume a degree of knowledge or common sense about how to approach the work. It’s refreshing, and rewarding.

I am proud that I thought to paint the plow and install window glass before fixing the roof in place. But I’m feeling a bit sheepish that in my enthusiasm to get the roof on, I completely forgot about adding weight inside.

No matter – I simply attached some weights underneath:
 photo Plow-10_zps5c5f8aed.jpg

The weights will be well hidden by the time I get the wings installed.

Speaking of which, the wings are next. I’m going to deviate from the kit and build some wings that better represent those I see on some pictures of wooden CNR plows I have collected. Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “Partially Painted Plow

  1. Nicely done Trevor! It’s nice to see that someone else has the “I want to get this done now and this seems like the right thing to do … Aw nuts…” Syndrome. I have been fighting that while working on the Amesville Shops car kit from Craig Bisguier. He gave me a demo kit to build for his layout and it was missing some key parts that one can’t install once the roof is in place … I’ve been fighting the urge to do it so far …

    • Hi TC:
      I’m happy with my choice of trucks at both ends of the plow. The wheels can’t be seen under the front end anyway, and using a proper truck lets the plow negotiate curves on my layout. It also made setting the height easy since I was doing the same thing at both ends of the plow.

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