1st Sergent Couplers arrived

Yesterday’s mail included a box of Sergent S scale couplers – my initial order so I can do some tests.

Other than open the box and count the packages (all present!), I didn’t get a chance to look at them. I haven’t even managed to open an envelope to see what’s inside: I should find a small evergreen and put the packages under it, because it feels like waiting for Christmas so I can open my presents.

Exciting times!

 photo Ralphie_zpsba647722.jpg

4 thoughts on “1st Sergent Couplers arrived

  1. And if some of the neighbourhood dogs come busting into the layout room and make off with couplers you can always go for dinner at Batifole the restaurant that replaced the one Ralphie’s family had to go to once the turkey dinner was spoiled.

  2. Be careful with that uncoupling wand…you’ll poke your eye out kid!
    I’m looking forward to hear of your success.

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